LA Hotel Perk: In-Room Pajama Delivery

So you forgot to pack your comfies? The Orlando Hotel and BedHead Pajamas can help.

THE PACKING PROCESS... is an individual one, through and through. Not everyone folds things in a particular order — and besides that, not everyone folds things (there's a large contingent of travelers who swear by rolling, not folding, when it comes to filling a suitcase). And whether your toothbrush goes in first, or last, or at all, is another matter. For some it is the most important item of the trip, while others vow to pick a fresh one up at an area store. It's all part of going somewhere, the packing for an overnight or two, but one part that is sometimes skipped over, especially when departing in a rush, is the...

PAJAMAS... portion of the packing. Perhaps you wore your only clean pair the night before your trip, perhaps you clean forgot to dig them out of the drawer. The Orlando Hotel on West Third Street in Los Angeles can help, along with its neighbor BedHead Pajamas. If you're a guest at the hotel, which is located near LA's bustling, shop-y, eatery-y Mid-City West area (and close to Beverly Hills), you can simply browse through an available BedHead catalog, pick the cute pair you like, order and pay and bingo: The PJs'll be delivered to your room. "In-room pajama deliveries" isn't a perk that's often seen on hotel rosters, but The Orlando and BedHead go one better: If you want to see the togs in person, you can ring for a selection to be delivered to your hotel room, the better to check out sizes and designs (which the LA company is known for).

NO NEED TO SWEAT... the packing before a trip, not when the chance to have prospective pajamas whisked to your room awaits. Just remember that toothbrush, and toothpaste, even if you forgo the PJs in the luggage. Squeaky chompers are essential, even if you wait to buy your pajamas when you get to your hotel.

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