LACMA Cooks Up Sneak Peek

Okay, how many cooking metaphors and foodie quips and edible asides can we cram into a couple of paragraphs? We're predicting at least 38, but we'll try and limit ourselves to five or under. Probably everyone seeing or writing about or thinking of the new Amy Adams-Meryl Streep movie "Julie & Julia" -- which is all about chef Julia Child and the young cook attempting to follow her famous recipes at home -- will be cramming the meat thermometer and spatula jokes in. Cramming like stuffing-a-chicken cramming.

Wait. We can't even think of a spatula joke. Or, for that matter, one with a meat thermometer. Okay. Well, that's solved.

We could speculate why movies about food bring out the punsters in normally-not-given-to-puns people -- perhaps it is because we all have to eat, so we just intimately know the topic -- but we'd rather discuss what's going down at LACMA on Tuesday, July 28th. "Julie & Julia" is screening at 7:30PM -- days ahead of its August 7th release -- and we're sure the foodie/film fans will be out in force.

In such force, we might add, that it is sold out, but the Los Angeles County Museum of Art site says there will be a stand-by line starting at 6:30PM. Think of it now, getting in the queue and chatting up like-minded strangers about lemon zesters and pineapple chutney and tongs.

Tongs! We love tongs. Everyone takes the tong for granted, but not us. Can "tong" be singular? It is here. Maybe a "tong" is just one half of tongs? Perhaps this film will show us the culinary light. Help us, "Julie & Julia"; help us.

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