Lake Arrowhead: Easter at Santa's Village

Two days of egg-cellent doings are set for the mountaintop attraction.

BIOGRAPHY SERIES, especially those on television and magazines, very often choose not to focus strictly on just one individual but rather a pair of people. These duo might have been famous co-workers, or married, or somehow connected in a way that has become part of history's kaleidoscopic fabric. Still, though, no biography-minded producer has yet taken on the old, old friendship of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Surely the two cross paths, now and then, though Mr. Claus is all about the beginning of wintertime and Mr. Bunny is very much ensconsced in the days of dandelions and daffodils. But the crossing of paths isn't all that easy when one figure drives a sleigh and the other is known for his hop. Still, though, this legendary meeting of the holiday minds does percolate in some playful places, now and then, such near Lake Arrowhead over Easter Weekend 2017. That's when...

SKYPARK AT SANTA'S VILLAGE... will be all about colorful eggs and bright baskets and the trimmings of the joyful occasion. Hunting those dye-tastic little icons of the season will be part of the April 15 and 16 schedule, but there's more to do, from scavenger hunts to cookie decorating to, wait for it, "sack races with Santa." There won't be too many other Easter parties out there where a certain Kris Kringle cameos, that's for darn tootin'. Nor will many places be as pretty as a mountaintop community on a mid-April weekend day. Details and more? Hop, hop, hop for the village's info page now.

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