Lassie! Get Stamps!

Lassie, that shaggy, sweet, forever-to-the-rescue hero of 1950s television, must be pretty happy. For a dog. You know dog happy. The wiggling. The whining. The pawing. The jumping up and tearing of our new tights. Not that we really were liking those tights, anyway.

After all, not only is she looking glossy and groomed and flat-out super -- Lassie is a "she," right? -- but she's now on a stamp. For that reason, and probably because everyone loves Lassie -- **everyone** -- the television tail-wagger turned up at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, not merely to bring joy, but to attend a release party for the new Early TV Memories stamps, which debuted on August 11th.

Oh black-and-white television. Early days of the form. So classic. So thrilling. "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" gets a stamp, as does "The Twilight Zone." We're still spooked by the episode where the lady dreams it is a billion degrees because the earth is moving closer to the sun, but then she wakes up -- spoiler alert -- do people do "spoiler alerts" for shows that have been on the air for several decades? -- and finds out that the earth is actually moving *away* from the sun, and everything's freezing, and getting freezing-er.

Okay. It's called "The Midnight Sun." Phew. Thanks Wikipedia. Even reading about it made us want to wear mittens.

Looks like 20 shows in all have gotten an Early TV Memories stamp. We'd pick up a sheet, for all your TV-related mail. Right? You do that? Use stamps that are themed to what's in the envelope, or the person it is going to? We know we're not alone here.

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