Lawn Bowling: Pleasant, Challenging, Grassy, Good

First of all, lawn bowling: harder than it looks. But delightful, and at times frustrating, and quite helpful in building a keen eye and so forth. That there's also "lawn bowling wear" is fantastic, and that it is so smartly tailored and British public school-ish enchants. And that players who love the game are seriously devoted says all we need to know.

In short, people without a sport to call their own, but who desire one, should give lawn bowling particular consideration. And the ideal day to do that is on Saturday, May 9, as lawn bowling clubs across California host open houses in celebration of Lawn Bowls Day. An open house is always nice, and that the lawn bowling ones come with free lessons (two of our favorite words) is even better. And bet that knowledgeable types will be on hand to talk rules and specifics and answer any questions.

There are clubs located around SoCal; Beverly Hills, Alhambra, and Santa Monica are just a few of the cities that boast one. Find your perfect place, then get bowling on Saturday, May 9, from 10AM-3PM. If you choose to celebrate your lawn bowling prowess afterward with a Pimm's cup or bracing glass of lemonade, we feel that will much in keeping with the spirit of the historic sport. Cheers and pip pip...

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