Libbey Bowl Grand Opening

LIBBEY LUCK: It's a frequent and sad story: A beloved venue falls on hard times. It's not in the shape it once was, and there are other things that can be done with the space it occupies. Then, it is gone, and missed by those who once enjoyed it. That could have been the fate of Ojai's own Libbey Bowl, the wood-shelled, tree-adjacent stage that was built in 1957. Lady Libbey wasn't looking so well in recent years, but locals joined in to rebuild the venue, ground-up. And the ending? The Libbey Bowl will live on to entertain generations of Ojaians to come.

OPENING WEEKEND: Two days of celebratory music will kick off the Libbey's new run. The dates are Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5. And if you're a bit of a schematics buff, and like seeing how things come together, check out the illustrations on the venue's site. It certainly was an impressive undertaking, and a tribute to Ojai that it was seen through to its happy finish.

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