ListingsWire: Echo Park Triplex, Biscuit Lofts Check, Brentwood Asian

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ECHO PARK: The latest newsletter from local real estate agent Ken Shapiro advertises a 1,700 square foot triplex (in gallery). His description: "Walking distance to Elysian Park. It has a single that needs rehabbing, a one bedroom that is in good shape and a two bedroom, two bathroom that is in excellent shape. Price is $615,000 and the seller is willing to cooperate with relocating tenants..The structure itself is very charming, classic early century California Bungalow style ..." [Silverwood]

DOWNTOWN: It looks like a handful of developer-owned units in the Biscuit Lofts building were just released. Here's one: A 1,147 square foot one-bedroom is listed at $499,000. Meanwhile, in June, a 1,670 square foot loft with 16 foot ceilings listed at $1.25 million was featured on the site. It's still on the MLS listed at that price. Are prices coming down at all at Biscuit? Additionally, we're fairly certain the pool at the building was just completed or is near completion. [Redfin]

BRENTWOOD: Someone is nearly done building an "Asian architectural design" home and now wants to sell it to you. The few photos tell so much, don't they? It's yours for $10 million. Home should be completed by November 15, 2008, according to the listing. [Redfin]
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