Locals Deal: Staycation at Shade Hotel

Need a vacation from your vacation? Your Manhattan Beach deal awaits.

POST-VACATION RECOVERY: No one would ever be foolhardy enough to proclaim that preparing for a getaway is a relaxing exercise. Oh, it's an exciting exercise, and one thrumming with anticipation and look-forward-ness, but the arrangements, from the dog sitter to the plant care to the reservation confirmations to the purchasing of maps, can make a person proclaim that "they need a vacation from their vacation." (Honest, this is said so often some entrepreneur should emblazon it upon a fancy wall plaque, if this has not been done already.) So is there a space, in the tourism sphere, for the after-vacation vacation? It hasn't been fully explored yet, but the Shade Hotel of Manhattan Beach is dipping a toe into this particularly provocative pool, with a Locals Only deal.

HOLIDAY WEEKEND WIND-DOWN: The vacation-from-a-vacation twist: It's actually happening just after the holiday weekend, or at least on the final day. So if you've spent three days of Memorial Day Weekend tooling your wheels around, to visit relatives or prospective camps or what-have-you, your vacation, SoCaler, can start on that Monday night, or that Tuesday night, if you're still out of town on Monday proper. It's a one-night-only deal, starting at $249, and there's a bottle of bubbly in the mix to make you feel as those the fizzy end of your relaxing time has truly started.

MAY 25 OR MAY 26... are the available dates, and beyond the bubbly you also get a twenty five buck credit to spend on the property. Will you sprawl upon the Skydeck, taking in the sunset, pondering the vacation that you're taking a mini-vacation from? Well, the whole "vacation from a vacation" concept may not yet be a thing -- we need to actually start taking vacations first, of course -- but one night away, for SoCalers, at a chic water-close spot, feels plenty vacation-y. If you call the Shade Hotel to book, mention the Locals Only deal.

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