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More tree living: Today's New York Times heads over to the post-and-beam Runyon Canyon home of James MacKinnon, a 38-year-old make-up artist who decided to build an addition around an existing sycamore tree in his yard. It was his then wife that insisted the tree stay, but "three months before the builders broke ground, his wife left him and moved to New York. The divorce that followed is still a painful topic for Mr. MacKinnon. Instead of scrapping the project, Mr. MacKinnon threw himself into it, even in the face of setbacks. Builders did not hit bedrock until they dug down 35 feet, twice as deep as anticipated. Then they accidentally drilled through a gas line and old septic tank, setting off a flurry of inspections, a new round of permits and a yearlong delay." Dear lord. In the end, it all worked out ok, and to celebrate, MacKinnon purchased a dog. He and the dog now live in the house. Here are more photos. [NY Times]

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