Lou Taylor Pucci Chats Up His New Flick (In Person)

The Los Angeles Film Festival only wrapped hours ago, but we all know cinephiles who are already feeling its absence. These are people who could practically live at special screenings, meet-the-cast talks, parties featuring behind-the-scenes footage of movies still being shot.

For those dear, popcorn-fueled souls -- and we've got a touch of that happy madness, we must admit -- we're glad that Reel Talk with Stephen Farber has come back around for a bunch of summer dates. Mr. Farber, a critic and sage of all things celluloid, regularly rounds up talented types for his Reel Talk evenings, which consist of a screening and a bit of Q-and-A-ing with principals on stage. Phew. Film-fest-y jonesing answered.

Up on Monday, June 29th, the opening night of Mr. Farber's Reel Talk summer series: "The Answer Man." In person: Lou Taylor Pucci and John Hindman, the scribe (and director) behind the Jeff Daniels starrer.

To see and hear Mr. Pucci, Mr. Hindman, and Mr. Farber in thoughtful discussion, as well as a screening of the film, get to The Landmark at 7PM on June 29th.  You enjoyed Mr. Pucci in "Thumbsucker" we hope? Add it to the Netflix queue if not. We didn't mention that Tilda Swinton, Vince Vaughn and Vincent D'Onofrio are also in the "Thumbsucker" cast, but we should.

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