Make-Me-Have-This-Baby Salad, and Preggatinis, Too

We were just discussing the salad at Caioti Pizza on Tujunga in Studio City with a new-ish mom recently. You've heard of this famous bowl of lettuce, savory dressing and vinaigrette-based deliciousness? Anyone can eat it, whether they are with child or not, but women past their due dates are said to be the biggest fans of its labor-inducing properties. Just ask for the pre-natal special, or the preggers plate, or whatever; the restaurant will know what you're getting at.

Again, it's a colorful rumor, but new-ish mom agreed with us that this is one of the biggest and most persistent foodie legends of LA. (Legend or not: that salad is damn tasty.) But now we have something else to chew on -- or drink on? -- when it comes to pregnant ladies and fun consumables: the Preggatini. Author Natalie Bovis-Nelsen's book includes recipes for a host of libations for the expecting mother that are sans alcohol but not sans kick (and the names, like Pants on Fire, charm us). 

We've all had friends who are out-to-here big and sore and not feeling at all festive. A cocktail-y treasure trove created just for them might be the ticket to lifting spirits as they tick off the trimesters. Or, better yet: pick up a Caioti salad and serve it alongside a drink from the book. Maybe baby magic will happen...

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