Making a Million (Happen)

How you can help Million Trees LA.


We're looking at Los Angeles long into the future.

Or maybe not as long as we think. After all, the Million Trees LA program has only been around for a few years now, but planting has begun and all those lovely evergreen and deciduous trees are taking root.

There are many purposes at the heart of Million Trees, but the greening of our city over time, the benefits to the air, the shade they'll provide, and the natural loveliness are all part of the plan.

It's ongoing, even in the cooler, let's-stay-indoors months. In fact, we popped by the Tree People site and found a number of upcoming community events backing Million Trees LA, events that you can volunteer for.

There may be pruning involved. Oh. Who. Does Not. Love the pruning? So satisfying.

There are many, many ways to get involved via Million Trees LA, too, like donating, and even planting your own (there will be some reading and advice, so do a bit of research before going to the nursery).

And if you want to really geek out, in a goodly geek way, there's a whole tree canopy analysis of our city that is quite fascinating.

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