Migration Fest at Natural Bridges

Love upon whales and winged things near Santa Cruz.

IT'S A REVELATION... that won't surprise you, or any earthling, at least if the earthling in question has had a look at a Pacific Gray whale, and, at another time, a Monarch butterfly, but here it is: The first being mentioned is rather larger than the second. We're not saying there isn't a whale-sized Monarch butterfly out there in the world, but... wait. Yes we are totally saying that. And that's just fine, for the colorful wing-rocking superstars are magnificent in their wee-amazing way and the colossal ocean-dwelling mammals are 100% perfect, just as they are (and, no, there are not butterfly-sized whales flitting around eucalyptus trees, either, even if our fancies want to believe it is so).

BUT EVEN THOUGH... they're quite different, in numerous ways, the whale and the butterfly share this important factor: They go on important migratory journeys, and while their trails don't exactly cross in the way we humans think of trails intersecting, they're pretty dang adjacent, with one major thruway found just off the California shore (whales) and the butterflies' trail wending along the tree-nice groves of the coastline. How better, than, to celebrate the Pacific Gray and Monarch and other migratory beasties than with a...

MIGRATION FESTIVAL? It's happening at the picturesque Natural Bridges State Beach on the second Saturday in February 2017 — that's Saturday, Feb. 11 — and "birds and the many creatures that travel" will be honored in addition to butterflies and whales. There shall be "migratory animal talks" at the Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks to-do as well as kid-nice activities and music and more to-dos that both up the general well-being-a-tude of the day out and help guests grok to what a migrating critter does, eats, goes through, and such. Showing with your own picnic for the 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. event? That's cool, or you can buy your vittles there. Knowing more about animals' journeys? It's just so essential to stay up on what other earthlings are up to, even as we go about our day-to-days.

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