Miranda Kerr at The Grove

We're not sure where models/fashion people congregate these days -- they always seem to be on a jet -- why aren't we on more jets? -- oh right, we forgot to be a model -- but there've been a whole bevy of beautiful types turning up at the Victoria's Secret at The Grove. Heidi Klum chatted up the Perfect One Bra at the shopping center back in March; "Project Runway" star Christian Siriano stopped by in early August to promote make-up.

Next up: bedimpled Australian model Miranda Kerr, who is talking up Dream Angels Heavenly Enchanted. It's a fragrance, not lingerie, and it is described as having "woody" notes.

You have to stop by The Grove. For something. Right? On Wednesday, August 26th. Around early afternoon. 2PMish. You'll walk by Victoria's Secret. How could you miss it? It's right in the middle of the shopping center.

Saunter in. You want a little spritz. Just a misting. Try it out. Sniff. Will Miranda Kerr be wielding the fragrance and doing the spritzing herself? Now that is a picture for your Facebook page. Maybe even your Christmas card, too.

The info page doesn't make mention of photo-taking opps, but there are autographs to be had. And even if Ms. Kerr not the designated spritzer, she will sign an autograph with a Dream Angels Heavenly Enchanted purchase. Check out the details.

"Dancing With the Stars" Melissa Rycroft, and Giuliana Rancic of E! Entertainment are also scheduled to appear. That Victoria's Secret. We'll call it a veritable hub of Hollywood-y, model-ish hubbub.

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