Month-Long Feast: Santa Barbara's

October is the American Riviera's foodiest time of the year.

ONE TASTY DAYLONG PARTY... can keep a foodie sated for some time to come, but when several savory bashes of good size arrive all in a row? Well, it must be October in Santa Barbara. That's time, from the first day of the month to the last, and the major food festivals line up like fancy shrimp cocktails on a seafood buffet. The California Lemon Festival in Goleta gets juicy just ahead of October, a flavorful harbinger of things to come. A beer festival, a seafood festival, and more out-sized soirees dot the calendar, as do a host of chef appearances, cooking demos, and wine tastings. There are also the offbeat edibles in the mix, like the...

THYME & ENERGY BOURBON & JERKY PAIRING: This unusual duo'll make a cameo at Ty Lounge during the run, and we'll just go out on a limb -- or a strip of jerky, perhaps -- and guess that the dried meat doesn't always get to share the spotlight with a tony spirit. Maybe a new trend is afoot? A tamale and tequila tasting downtown gives those who like their masa 'n mescal to come in one beautiful forkful, sipful flow, and a Funk Zone wine tasting pairs well with a visit to the Santa Barbara Farmers Market. Chef Cat Cora will also helm the Quickfire Cooking Challenge at the Santa Barbara Public Market on Oct. 8.

CHOOSE YOUR CHOWDOWN: Truly, even those food-obsessives who call Santa Barbara home can't make every single to-do during the multi-day run, so for those out-of-towners calling upon the American Riviera during, some choosing is in order. Are you into wine? The Vintners Celebration over the second weekend in October is for you. About popcorn? There's a vino pair-up with the famous movie snack. Just check the dates, since everything is not every day of the month, and land upon the most luscious of foodie happenings in Santa Barbara's most luscious of foodie months.

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