Mother’s Day Saturday: Gibbons Breakfast

Does your mommy love animals with all her heart? Head for Santa Clarita ahead of her special day.

Gibbon Conservation Center

IF YOU AND YOUR MOM... spent hours poring over books about elephants and tigers and kitty cats and insects when you were a kid, and you now spend hours watching animal-amazing cable shows together, and you follow that up by discussing all of the trips you'll both take to see the furry, growly, flying wonders of the world, then you know this: Your mom digs critters. She's an animal person, like you, and the fact is you likely got your affection for our beastie buds from her. So what to do, then, on her special weekend, to tailor the joy and gratitude of Mother's Day to what she likes best? The clear answer is A) take her to see some marvelous furry superstars nearby and B) help the organization caring for the furry cuties while doing so. A place to do both, and to feel as though you've journeyed quite far (though it is located in close-by Santa Clarita), is to call upon the...

GIBBON CONSERVATION CENTER, which is holding its annual Breakfast with the Gibbons on Saturday, May 13. That's right, that is Mother's Day Saturday, meaning you and Mom can go and still keep your Sunday plans. What will you see there? The beautiful small apes, the gibbons, at play, noshing, and, fingers crossed, singing the song that gibbons are famous for (it is like no other sound on this planet, and maybe any other). A tour is part of the breakfast bash, and kid activities, and a silent auction, and other to-dos, making it a full morning. An adult ticket is $25, while $15 is the price for student and teen tickets. For the full rundown of prices, and what will happen at the center on the special day, swing from branch to branch, then land here. 

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