Motorola Droid X Is a Pocket-Sized Android With a Huge Screen

It's Verizon's closest competitor to the iPhone yet.

I'm a huge fan of cell phones and have a storied history with them.

My love affair started in high school with a pretty basic Audiovox. It continued in college and beyond, but really revved up with smartphones. I once drove hour and a half to a Best Buy to buy a Treo at full price (nearly $600) because I had to have it. I waited with bated breath for the launch of the Motorola Q and fell into the hype of the first gen iPhone as I covered its launch for CNET.

Over the years, I've broken contracts, paid early termination fees and swapped out phones faster than I could sync my address book.

The Droid X became my latest obsession the day it was announced. This phone just wants to do everything, and I knew I'd be getting it the day it came out. So I marked my calendar for July 15 and found myself (once again) inside a Verizon Wireless store early morning, just eight months after I did the same thing for the original Motorola Droid.

Was it worth it? Sure. Is it for everyone? Probably not.

There's a certain camaraderie among those who wait in lines for the latest and greatest. I have tried a ton of cell phones and can say with authority there is no perfect model. There are so many variables in the equation -- price, features, carrier, OS -- and what it really comes down to is what works for you.

Right now, I'm really enjoying my Droid X and its big, bright screen, tight Google integration and lack of a physical keyboard. It plays music, takes pictures, plays video and at the end of the day I can actually make a phone call.

Will something better come along? You bet. Will I be there? Just depends.

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