Movie Love for Frazier Park

FP TLC: What's there to say about the Family Trost? Much. The special-effects-exploding-awesome-acting-costume-designing brood is LA's own Tenenbaum-y outfit, or, if that's too freaky a stretch, we'll call them just darn talented (and maybe not nearly as dramatic/difficult as Wes Anderson's fictional family). Brothers Brandon and Jason Trost got together and made "The FP," a film that is, yes, set in Frazier Park. Do you love Frazier Park? We do. (We're pretty sweet on nearby Gorman as well, we should add.) The Trost Bros. and their relatives all donned multiple hats for the making of this flick; sartorial-minded sister Sarah (she was on "Project Runway") worked on the clothes and special-effects-y dad Ron made cool stuff do cool things. In short? The family made a lively, frenetic film that is quickly attaining cult status. If you're thinking "hey, wait one second. 'The FP' has cult status? Does the Alamo Drafthouse know about it yet? Because nothing gets cult status before that happens" we agree. Now please read on.

ROLLING ROADSHOW TIME: The Alamo Drafthouse people are driving here from Austin, probably right at this very minute, to screen "The FP" in Frazier Park on Saturday, Aug. 6 at 9:30 p.m. All kinds of people involved in the flick will be there. Our own Cinefamily is part of the scene. It's a big ol' movie love-a-thon, is what it is, with special emphasis on Frazier Park and family. And, also? It's a free screening. It's adults-only, note; warring dance-offs and R-rated shenanigans are afoot. Not just afoot, but a very fast foot, we'll note, but we'll stop there, lest we give away too many spoilers.

REMEMBER? When Alamo Drafthouse came to town to screen "Jackie Brown" at the Proud Bird? Fantasticness. Dear Alamo Drafthouse: Please come back to LA every year and show another movie where it was made. Maybe screen "Duel" next year out in Soledad Canyon? That's our first pitch. We have more. Many more.

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