Not Just Being Poe-lite; We Love This Show

The show is called "Nevermore" and we're eager to use the word, nevermore, here, somehow, seeing as how it is so famously associated with its author, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe. But we cannot. We want to ask, "has the well-reviewed, one-man Poe show at the Steve Allen Theatre been extended?" and the word "nevermore" would definitely not work here.

Because performances have been extended. Because "The Raven"-y raves keep pouring in. And we're trying to reconcile a man whose work -- and so much of his life -- had a pall of gloom over it, with the modern one-man show based on his life, a show that is only winning fans, and getting kisses blown at it, and happy words, and accolades.

The performance we attended over the weekend was packed, good packed, not wait-too-long-for-the-bathroom packed, and the audience vibed excitement. Sodas were sold at concessions beforehand. Friends chatted. Stuart Gordon, a well-known horror director, in addition to the director of the show, talked convivially with theatergoers outside. Not very pall-of-gloom-y. Almost sunny, in fact.

But actor Jeffrey Combs changed that all that once he, with flickering candle in hand, took the stage. We won't go into the many Poe pieces he not only knows through and through but recited with a special heart-wrench-ing-ness and terror. We'll just say if you like horror literature, or any type of literature, and are a fan of the troubled master, absolutely make a date to see "Nevermore" at once.

It's now running through August 29th -- it had several weeks added to its run -- and is well worth the $10 admission. $10!

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