Obscura Day LA

Fete the unusual and wonderful around our town.

Obscura Day is set to roll on Saturday, April 28, and while it is "an international celebration of unusual places" we locals can rest assured that Los Angeles, and perhaps California at large, has a lock on the whole "unusual places" bit.

We're home to Bigfoot and the racing rocks of Death Valley, it's true. But we're also the birthplace of just about every gold rush of the last couple of centuries, and people of every stripe come to remake their lives here. So figure that our collective stuff is a pinch weirder than most.

Meaning the choices for Obscura Day are good ones. Lots of events are now sold out but a factoid-filled Esotouric tour and a scavenger hunt at the Getty Center are two of the outings that still have slots available.

The scavenger hunt is in fact entitled "The Art of Darkness," meaning you and your compatriots will spend your visit seeking out the unsettling and macabre in the Getty's collection. We're already eeking.

But the best bit about Obscura Day is that, really, it isn't just one day a year. Well, you don't have to let it be, anyway; many of the places listed on the Obscura Day site are open all year long, meaning you can arrange your own itinerary of unusual adventuring.

And, as we said, if you're within the borders of the Golden State, that will be one out-sized itinerary. Anyone seen Bigfoot, lately?

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