One Rootin’, Tootin’ Party

The Autry celebrates cowgirls and cowboys, one and all.

Danielle Klebanow

How are your spurs doing?

Are they currently on the back of your favorite broken-in pair of boots? Are they shined-up and sun-catching? Or are they sitting in some drawer looking rather rusty?

If you answered yes to the former, bet we'll see you at the Day of the Cowboy and Cowgirl at the Autry National Center on Saturday, July 23. If you answered yes to the latter, it sounds like we need to see you at the Day of the Cowboy and Cowgirl at the Autry National Center on Saturday, July 23.

And if you answered with a simple heartfelt "yeeeeee-haw," we're betting you're already at the Autry, as you read this, sitting on that play horse in the basement area.

(Aside: Have you ever seen an Autry visitor sit on that and *not* pretend gallop? Pretend galloping is the most irresistible thing when one finds oneself upon a fake horse. Fact.)

Riders in the Sky will perform at the party, Kansas Carradine and Landon Spencers will be doing ooh-and-aah-type things with lassos, and gunslinger Joey Dillon'll be in the house. Rob Wolfskill of the Tumbling Tumbleweeds will be MCing. BBQ and kidly art-making are also part of the hoedown.

If you can't dig out those ol' spurs, best wear a kerchief or something chapsy. Or with fringe. Spurs, kerchiefs, chaps, and fringe are always better when mixed together, though, and boldly so. Live big, cowboy-style.

An adult ticket is $11, and can be ordered in advance.

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