Traffic App: It Lets Your Friends Know When You’re Stuck

GPS tracks your progress sends texts with your estimated arrival time.

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Have you ever driving to a party or meeting and thought to yourself: “I’m never going to make it.” Well, you probably are, but you’re just going to be really late - especially when it comes to LA traffic.

While it’s nice to let your waiting co-workers or friends know you’ll be there eventually, calling with a vague update on your progress really doesn’t cut it. Now, thanks to the magic of GPS you can let them know exactly when you’ll be “touching down” with an automated text message.

OnMyWay is a free mobile app from TeleNav, the popular GPS navigation provider. To start, just tell the app where you’re going, what time you’re supposed to be there and who you’d like to notify. It integrates with your address book so this shouldn’t be too tough. When you start your trip, your friends will get a message with your estimated time of arrival. The app monitors your progress and can send up to three additional update messages depending on how late you are. A final notification tells them when you’re 5 minutes away.

The app keeps your actual location private at all times and currently works on BlackBerry and Android devices. It’s a simple tool that can keep you from stressing out on the way to meeting someone for something as simple as a round of golf or a more pressing appointment. Your friends and co-workers will be so impressed with the information they'll forget all about the fact that you're actually really late.

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