Opa! OC Greek Fest

Moussaka and traditional dance are two highlights of the Anaheim party.

OC Greek Festival

YOUR BAKLAVA STYLE: Everyone always polls everyone else on exactly how they eat their Oreo -- all at once or one side at a time -- but we think the real sweet-based poll should center around baklava. Baklava buffs seem to approach the layer-laden, sticky-sweet treat in myriad ways. Do you finish off a square in under a minute? Do you pick out the walnuts and savor those first? Or do you take our path, which is to peel off each layer of phyllo in order to prolong the delicious experience? We probably haven't even named half the ways people approach the famous dessert, but we're hoping we'll see all of the various baklava-consumption styles on happy display at the OC Greek Festival. The Anaheim party is ready to opa! again from Friday, May 18 through Sunday, May 20. And yes indeedy, baklava is on the menu.

BOY, IS IT EVER: As are many of the classic Greek pastries. Galactobouriko is on the list -- the word "custard" is involved, which we very much support -- as is Trigona, which has a lot of the classic pastry phyllo hallmarks as well as chocolate, which we also very much support. The menu for the OC Greek Fest is, in fact, a thing of wonder, and offers us comfort and cheer merely when we read it -- it is that lengthy and full of tasty things. But be sure to join a dance, check out the marketplace, and hobnob at the festival, too. We can become a little focused on our baklava, especially since our favorite method for eating it is a bit time-consuming. We vow this year to get up and dance.

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