Palm Desert Food & Wine 2017

The suppable springtime soiree will once again attract big names on the restaurant and cookbook scene.

EVEN THE BEST LUNCH, the one that includes your favorite sandwich fixings, and your favorite bread, and your go-to cole slaw, is probably a one-plate, one-and-done, gobble-it-up-and-go affair. Enjoying a more sumptuous feast when the sun is high in the sky is either reserved for special holidays, the kind of holidays where we dine in the middle of the day, or for cool, chef-filled, gourmet'd-out food festivals. And if you're all about the lunch, especially the longer lunch, especially a midday meal that has a few fine-dining components, turn your gaze upon the desert, Palm Desert, in fact, and one of the most sippable and suppable events on the calendar. It's...

PALM DESERT FOOD & WINE 2017, and it 7th annual outing will attract a coterie of foodly artisans who are known for making ingredients sing. Gail Simmons, a judge from Bravo's "Top Chef," is the host, and Agua Caliente Casino Resort and Spa is the place for the Marchtime meal doings. Speaking of meal, let's cut straight to the posh luncheon alluded to earlier, the James Beard Gourmet Four-Course Luncheon, the one that leads into "two days of grand tastings." Those tasting are of the liquid assortment, too, so if finding your next ultra-hopsy beer is paramount, you just might make the foamy find at this desert to-do, which is on from March 24-26. What's next? Well, landing on a ticket, yes, and deciding where to stay for your desert sojourn. And daydreaming, of course, about a quartet of swanky chef-perfected courses that will soon be enjoyed at lunchtime on a probably sure-to-be-brilliant March desert Friday.

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