Palm Springs Cool: Find Those Hot Weather Deals

Hotels welcome summer with sweet, SPF friendly deals.

A NOT-SO-SECRET SECRET: What are some of the worst-kept but best-to-know secrets of Southern California? At least 90% likely have to do with ways around traffic, we'll wager (including taking Fountain through Hollywood, which is just about the hoariest not-secret secret in the entire SoCal grab bag). But a bigger secret, and one that is not traffic-related, for once, has to do with our state's beautiful desert region and how -- surprise surprise -- many a local waits for the mercury to do that thermometer-reddening thing it does before taking that desert vacation. Sure, it is tempting to head for a pool and some suntan oil on a February day, but hotel prices tend to dip -- if not plummet in places -- come June in the Desert Resorts. At the very least you can find a little something discounty practically everywhere, and while it might not always be of the "get a room for free if you ask!" ilk, you'll score some goodness.

LIKE... Well, several deals are going into effect in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert and its environs. The Ace Hotel is throwing in a $25 spa credit and "a bucket of beer" starting on May 31 (yep, that's how it is described: "a bucket of beer." Ace, you do charm.) The Comfort Inn Palm Springs is going the 15% a room rate route (we do love seeing percentage signs come summer). And the Parker Palm Springs has a mondo (hi, $200) dining credit with a weeknight room (this one has a few asterisks, like when restaurants are closed, so read all first). But there are literally pages of stayover deals to comb through, so get combing. And get sharing this particular secret, too. We know, you assume everyone knows that the desert has the deals in summer, but it is good to share such knowledge, we think. Will we even call it good karma? Yes, we think we will.

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