Palm Springs Modernism Week Opens

Palm Springs Modernism Week

MOD, MOD WORLD: What's your favorite mid-century Palm Springs landmark? The Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate? The swoopy-roofed gas station? Pretty much any fourth building you drive by, which tends to be flat-roofed and window-walled and flat-out spectacular? It's hard to choose, especially in P.S., which is pretty much HQ for all things mid-centuryan. Palm Springs Modernism Week celebrates that fact every year, with a week+ of talks and panels and special events. It opens on Thursday, Feb. 17 and runs through Sunday, Feb. 27.

EVENTS: So many, but we're sweet on that Braniff hostess uniform exhibit, and Charles Phoenix's winky, wonderful retro slide show. We'd also hop on that tour bus and led a structure-knowing smartie tell us about some of the important homes of Palm Springs. Oh, and the streamlined trailers. Gotta be all over that, too.

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