Peace, Love & Guacamole


IT FITS: You know how sometimes an event or play or restaurant will come up with a slogan that makes you cock an eyebrow and you say "not even" (you say this under your breath, of course, because all of our parents raised us to be polite and not backtalky). The catchy tagline and the event just don't match. There's some exaggeration going on. It happens, right? But that is most certainly not the case with the annual California Avocado Festival, which will make Carpinteria creamier from Friday, Oct. 7 through Sunday, Oct. 9. The slogan for the 25th annual outing is "Peace, Love & Guacamole." Cute, right? Kind of evokes the Summer of Love, and, for us, beachy breezes? Now look at the photo above. Those famous, Carp-close hills. The palms. The soft evening. The slogan works. It's a Golden State beach party -- or not-too-far-from-the-beach party -- with a famous California fruit at its pit-perfect heart.

INFORMATION: Yes. There will be avocado ice cream. We don't think they'd start the fest without it. There will be people wearing giant avocado suits. There will be a wine grotto and an earlier start time on day one. And all sorts of guacamole. How many different guacamoles have you eaten in a single day? We'll guess our own record is five, but we'll also guess that is only the jumping-off point for the hardcore avo aficionado. One more fun fact before we go: The fest site informs us that "Santa Barbara County is the third largest avocado producer in North America." Reason #4,683 it is good to live here.

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