“Perfect” Bra Arrives, with Heidi Klum, at The Grove

One of our favorite "Sex and the City" episodes -- because we all have favorite "Sex and the City" episodes, even if you've never seen the show (one of those strange laws of nature) -- deals with Miranda learning she's wearing the wrong bra size. It's commonly known that this is a common problem with those who wear bras on a regular basis.

Then along comes a product called "The Perfect One Bra" from a little lingerie outfit called Victoria's Secret, and along comes the supermodeliest supermodel in the world to deliver it. Of course, hectically scheduled Heidi Klum, having all her television shows and runway appearances, can't possibly visit every Victoria's Secret in the world, so she's landing at the one at The Grove. Now, we have yet to begin our studies on how many famous people buy frilly things at this particular shop, but we're guessing it is high, since so many celebs frequent the outdoor shopping center on a regular basis.

Not only is Ms. Klum presenting le bra, but she will chat with fans and sit for a quick photo in an on-site photo booth (a purchase is involved with this, so don't show hoping to get your pic taken with the TV host before quickly splitting). You're having an awesome hair day, right?

Tuesday, March 3
Victoria's Secret at The Grove
189 Grove Drive, Los Angeles

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