Pick-Your-Own-Blueberries Time in Somis

The sweet and healthful season opens for another flavorful run.

GO TO ANY HEALTH SITE, or a blog dealing with nutrition, and search for the word "blueberries." You're likely to get several links to past posts all about the fabulous fruit, a wee orb that brings a lot of big benefits. The blueberry regularly stars on superfood lists, and recipes recommend how we can all get our daily dose, from topping our morning oatmeal to throwing some frozen berries in the afternoon smoothie. But for most of us a trip to pick up blueberries typically involves either visiting the market's produce section or the freezer aisle. Where we don't go all that often is to a blueberry bush to pick blueberries. We might want to -- characters from our favorite childhood books could often be found outside gathering berries for that night's cobbler -- but finding such a pickable place is another matter entirely. Stress not, fans of juicy berrydom, for Underwood Family Farms offers an annual chance to pick blueberries, during a certain window, and that window is opening up now in...

SOMIS: True, the farm-sweet company has two destinations, but note that the blueberry picking can be found at Somis and not Moorpark (which has other fruit-focused pick-your-own opportunities). Blueberry season opened on Saturday, April 23, and runs for several weeks. They're priced at $3.99 per pound, if you're wondering how many you can cart away for a ten or twenty bucks (a lot, is the short answer). Have you and the family ever done the pick-your-own thing? Or "PYO," to use the lingo? If you're all blueberry buffs, and you'd love to have a lot on a hand, for a couple of old-school cobblers or pies, get to Somis before spring fully flowers into summer. Details? Bite down on all the juicy good stuff here.

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