Polar Splash

Ready to get damp on a damp day?

Justin Rudd

The bravado of those people who run into the ocean on New Year's Day? We do applaud it. First of all, Jan. 1, regardless of location -- okay, maybe not Sydney -- tends to be chilly. Second of all, they're doing so on New Year's Day, which happens to be the day after one of the biggest party nights on the calendar. Meaning? They might be tired. But despite that, they wake up and dash into the ocean.

But if you can do a cold ocean dip, for a good cause, on a day that's not New Year's Day? That seems like a fine idea, too. Figure people are maaaybe a bit more well-rested. Figure people are maaaybe not still stuffed with appetizers. Figure the weather will maaaybe be a bit warmer.

All of those things will likely be a little true on Saturday, Jan. 21 in Long Beach, except for the weather-being-warmer part. It's the day of Long Beach's first Polar Splash, and it is looking to be damp, and a bit chillier than our fine, summer-like New Year's Day a few weeks back.

But organizer Justin Rudd says the Splash will go on, rain or shine. We figure damp on land, damp in the water, what's the big deal? Plus, the Mr. Rudd's Community Action Team will send ten bucks to a host of local charities for every splasher who joins in (and that's up to a hefty two grand).

Seal Beach Animal Care Center, Train 4 Autism, and American Heart Association are some of the charities on the list. Get info and get to Belmont Shore (and get ready to do a bit of beach clean-up, which will follow the Splash). Don't forget that bathing suit, and maybe a friend to hold your warmest coat at the ready.

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