Posh Dog Hotel Might Serve to Inspire Human Inns

Much has been made about dogs that check into a kennel to rest, watch television, have their nails done, and sip organic broths while their human companions are out gallivanting at points around the globe. Now PawPaws, a recently opened dog hotel in Australia, takes the pup-pampery to the tail-wagging zenith. We've found five things that PawPaws provides that human hotels may find they want to sink their canines into...

1) A library, complete with fireplace leather-bound books, lends a touch of class. PawPaws boasts one. If our Pug is enjoying the classics, or at least sniffing/staring at the classics, during her hotel stay, surely we should be able to as well.

2. Themed rooms, including one that looks like the sea and one sporting a grassy/sky vibe, are part of the PawPaws scene. Cheerful. A getaway just feels more getaway-ish if a hotel's decor says "vacation" instead of "beige," no?

3. Insomniac guests at PawPaws receive nighttime visits and/or cuddles from the staff. We're not saying we'd ask the same of our human hotel, but perhaps a dedicated line we can call to chat away a nightmare would be helpful. "Hello, Front Desk? Yaaaawn. We' can't sleeeep..."

4. Black Vanilla Bean Butter Rub in the PawPaws Boudoir. If a Golden Retriever is getting that, we're getting that.

5. PawPaws does behavioral assessments of guests to make sure their stay will be optimal. We'd be up for an assessment at a human hotel if it would enhance our overnight stay in any way. Questions about whether we like quiet or excitement on our floor, or a complimentary newspaper at our door every morning, seem perfectly reasonable.

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