Pre-Breeder’s Cup: A Luxe Langham Getaway

Clip-clop and swanky stays: A hotel spotlights a local horsey favorite.

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EXCLUSIVE, ELEGANT, EQUINE: Pursuits can run the tony gamut, from not-at-all chic to cut-crystal, bouquets-of-roses swanky. Horse racing dominates the whole gamut, both sides, but some of the equine calendar's marquee events are among some of the poshest in the world. Not every recreational happening sees attendees in full suits, sometimes with vest or fancy hat, but at horse racing's premiere events? It makes sense, then, that a posh spot nearby would put together a package that pays homage to the fancy doings ahead at the track, and the Langham Huntington, Pasadena has done just that. The historic hotel "has introduced a limited-edition luxury package in honor of this year's fall meet dates at Santa Anita Park, home to The 2014 Breeder's Cup World Championships." That means that you can stay at the Langham not during the early November Breeder's Cup, but just ahead, to build excitement and visit the track before it is full-on busy. Best don those flowery chapeaus, hotel-and-horse fans, because things are luxing-up 'round the Langham.

PACKAGE DETAILS: It's got a pretty perky name -- Race You to the Club -- and some ultra perky details: "(A)ccess to the most exclusive settings of both the hotel and the track as well as valet parking at each location..." are part of the fine print, as well as a night spent as a guest of the Langham's Club Level. There are five -- count 'em five -- "complimentary beverage and culinary presentations during the day" plus "bespoke concierge services" and a bevy of how-may-we-help-you? touches. You'll also gain entry to Santa Anita's Club House -- "club" is clearly the word to keep in mind here -- which boasts a new sports bar and big, big televisions boasting tile technology.

THE PRICE? Everything starts at $379, and you can book through Oct. 29. If you're going to do the track ahead of the Cup action, and you want to stay in the general neck of the woods, and you want to posh-it-up, a bit, on both ends -- track and hotel -- then giddy up for the swanky setting of the Langham Huntington's Club Level. Five beverage and culinary presentations a day? We better not fill up too much, lest we can't jump up and down at Santa Anita, cheering on our pony picks.

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