Prom Night at Cinefamily

Your corsage is still fresh from your last prom, right?

So maybe it has been a few years since you went to the prom. Or maybe you didn't go to your prom, by your own choice, because you didn't want to, and definitely not because your favorite someone said he or she had to stay home and help their parents vacuum that night when you asked if they would go with you.

There's still time for a do-over, or a make-up prom, or just a fun, outlandish, grown-ups-in-froofy-dresses kind of night. Cinefamily is throwing such a night on Friday, June 24 at the Silent Movie Theatre. It's the Cinefamily Senior Prom, complete with scary screenings of "Carrie" and "Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II."

Attendees should arrive be-corsaged and be-tux'd and be-fancy-shoe'd. We'd probably sleep in hair rollers the night before, too. There will be DJ-esque dancing and punch and photos. Oh how we hope Cinefamily sets up a sparkly balloon arch for couples and friends to stand in for the photographs. Somehow we know they'll come up with something similar, or even better.

Punch will be served. Do not raise any shenanigans that will cause anybody to end up face-down in the punch bowl, however. We kind of love that movie cliche, and yet we don't really want to see it in real life. Keep those dresses and corsages neat and clean and beverage-free.

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