Queen Mary New: Local Band Hangout

Dance aboard the famous ocean-liner to a host of rockin' live sounds.

MEET ME IN THE OBSERVATION BAR: There are many photo-ready rooms around Southern California, the kind that draw location scouts looking for the perfect real-world movie set. But when it comes to a space that A) has oodles of elegant Art Deco cred and B) has bunches of historic reference and C) has literally been around the world and D) neighbors no less than the Pacific Ocean, you'll have to look in one direction: the Queen Mary. The landmark ocean-liner, which rose in Scotland in the early '30s but has called Long Beach home since 1967, boasts the room we speak of, the gorgeous, multi-level, swanky-cocktail'd Observation Bar. Yes, this is where Barton Fink sipped a libation near the start of the Coen Bros. film, and this is where revelers stop by nowadays, for a Bloody Mary or sparkling wine. And on every third Thursday of the month, starting in January 2017, the celebrated space will play home to...

LOCAL BAND HANGOUT: The just-introduced event will see "top local artists and up-and-coming bands" play a spate of songs within the bar, starting with Halle Johnson and Black Noise on Thursday, Jan. 19. The time? It's 8 p.m., though Happy Hour at the bar is on from 5 to 7 o'clock. It's eight bucks to park, and a tenner to enter the bar for the bands, but note that ten bucks'll go towards drinks and bites at the bar or another Queen Mary restaurant. Have you daydreamed about taking a cruise and sitting back with a beverage while live music flows through a pretty room? You can have some of that dream, without leaving Long Beach, every third Thursday at Local Hangout.

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