Queen Mary vs. Titanic

Our own famous ocean liner lays down the facts and figures.

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There may be other ships in the world that have stronger ties to the RMS Titanic and its myriad legends, but the Queen Mary is certainly an evocative front-runner in the "seems like the two boats are the same" department.

That's not exactly true, of course; the ship that's been permanently located in Long Beach since 1967 was built decades after the Titanic, which itself famously collided with an iceburg, and then the cold waters of the Atlantic, nearly 100 years ago on April 15, 1912.

But the lure and legend of historic ocean liners has tied the two together in many minds through the ages. And many conventions and gatherings, too; the Titanic Society Convention has been held on the Long Beach ship in the past.

With that in mind, the Long Beach landmark has compiled a very handy comparison list for boat buffs. Have a guess which ship was/is longer? That would be the Queen Mary, by a hundred-plus feet. The heavier ship? Queen Mary, which nearly doubles the Titanic in weight (okay, not quite doubles, but it is considerably weightier).

The Queen Mary is in many ways is a faster, more powerful ship, but it was a later ship, too, boasting up-to-date technologies and ideas. The Titanic could hold more passengers, though, according to the rundown.

The last fact, which almost goes without mention. The Queen Mary had a memorable 1,001 trans-Atlantic crossings. The Titanic? None.

And if one of your questions continues to be "was the 1997 'Titanic' filmed on the Queen Mary" it was not (filming locations here). But many things have been, including recent episodes of "Arrested Development" and "Party Down."

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