Quentin Tarantino Presents a David Carradine Tribute

The New Bev and Cinefamily celebrate the actor's work and life.

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The New Beverly Cinema has become much associated with Quentin Tarantino -- and for good reason, since he now owns it -- and Quentin Tarantino has become much associated with putting the art movie house into the service of directorial celebrations and remembering legends, in addition to its nightly double features.

Which is nice. And fitting. And something all art houses should do, and many do do. And over the weekend of Thursday, May 20 through Sunday, May 23, the cinema and the nearby Cinefamily on Fairfax will pay tribute to actor David Carradine.

Mr. Carradine, who passed away last June, was in several iconoclastic and important films over the last few decades. Mr. Tarantino's "Kill Bill" set, yes. Walter Hill's "The Long Riders." And "Bound for Glory." So many.

Both the New Beverly and Cinefamily will show a bunch of films over the four-day span (note only the second "Kill Bill" is on the sked). Plus, there will be a Sunday barbecue at Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre; several David Carradine rarities will be screened.

We want to type "which is nice" again, so we will. And we want to say one more thing that strikes us as nice: the Cinefamily calls the New Bev "its brothers-in-arms" in its listings. Love our independent theaters buddying up. That is the spirit of the town, much like a director honoring a missed friend.

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