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We scan the inbox so you don't have to. Today, two items of note:

DailyCandy: Green Kits to make life more environmentally sound
Refinery29: Pas de Deux, Odin's answer for the ladies
Thrillist: Two brothers inspired by gramps—Teruo tees
UrbanDaddy: not updated
Rare Daily LA: not updated
Gen Art Pulse: Intricate Machine's EP blends psychedelic funk, rock, jazz
The Stylephile: not updated
Best Bets Daily: Mugs for an interesting cup of joe
WhoWhatWearDaily: Taking inspiration from Alexander McQueen
Charles & Marie: Desk lamp and storage unit (pictured)
Delight Daily: Box of modern greeting cards—thanks, b-day, congrats, etc
Vivre Notes: not updated

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