Recycled Fashion: Paper Wedding Dress

Fashion designer creates couture from newsprint

Like flipping through fashion magazines to find the latest trends?

How about looking to those pages to make the latest trends. Literally.

It's fun to see new clothes, but forward-thinking fashion designer Gary Harvey says, "don't be a sucker." In other words, don't be told what you should wear. He wants people to create their own looks, and if you have something that looks good on you, wear it for a long time.

Harvey worked for Levi's for 10 years, before venturing out on his own and turning over a new leaf, so to speak --  he created his latest wedding dress out of 40 newspapers for an exhibition at a Denmark museum, called "Food for Thought: Sustainable Fashion."

Harvey feels the fashion industry is on a money spin, creating new trends every 6 months -- a cycle that doesn't work for the environment or your wallet.

The designer has also used magazines, old jeans, used wedding dresses, laundry bags and more. He likes to take iconic pieces, like Coke cans, and reconstruct them into 1950's couture.

Sustainable fashion has become one of the strongest trends in the clothing industry, after stars like Stella McCartney and Bono embraced the craze.

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