Rockabilly Meets the Ho Ho Ho

Stray Cats to Christmas: we heart Brian Setzer.

Most entertainers would like to be good in just one arena. But Brian Setzer rules two worlds -- that whole Brylcreem'd-rockabilly-rolled-up-sleeves-swing thing, and the Christmas stage.

We'd write "lucky" here, but we won't put it down to random chance. The hardworking guitarist has given it his all since breaking with his band the Stray Cats back in the early '80s. Now, nearly three decades on, he's putting the dance in December, with his famous Christmas concerts.

Two of those concerts will be played here, at Gibson Amphitheatre, on Friday, December 18th and Saturday, December 19th.

Why are his Christmastime shows famous? The mega-massive orchestra backing him is a huge part (he's traveling with an 18-piecer at the moment). The fact that he has sold over a mil in the Christmas CD/DVD corner. And that the fans have showed in the hundreds of thousands over the years for the shows, shows packed with lively takes on traditional carols (and some new songs, too).

You may have heard Mr. Setzer took ill during his Albuquerque set a couple of nights back, but word is he's up and at 'em. We'd get to Gibson fast and we'd wear our red-and-green saddle shoes, too.

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