Salut, Ooh La L.A.

The future-nice French music fest boasts three days of vibe-y sounds.

We all cling to some music myths and stereotypes.

True. You could be the most future-forward consumer of popular culture, but you likely still expect to hear a vocal-less easy listening song in an elevator, because a million movies told us that is what plays in an elevator.

Likewise, you might, in your mind, immediately pair French music and the accordion. Of course, there's a lot of truth there, and we're sweet on that particular instrument, but the form goes way beyond the bellows and keys.

Way beyond. Look only to the Ooh La L.A. Festival, the annual LA-meets-Paris music celebration that puts the emphasis on new music. Or even future music. DJ spins and electro-pop and Moroccan jazz are at its heart. Will there be an accordion or two? Maybe, maybe not. We kind of hope we will, but, as we explained, we're obsessed.

The 2011 festival rolls from Thursday, Sept. 29 through Saturday, Oct. 1 at the El Rey. There's also a free in-store Amoeba show featuring Tinariwen on Thursday, Sept. 29. They'll play later in the fest at El Rey, but Nouvelle Vague opens the run at El Rey on Sept. 29.

Check out the beautiful stylings of Hindi Zahra; she performs Friday night.

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