San Dimas Bash: California Beer Festival

The large-scale lagers-and-more traveling show has an eye on SoCal.

California Beer Festival

FALL ON THE WIND: Whenever a fresh tour of any sort starts up, be it about music or food or the arts or you-name-it, people who live in a city further along the map can start to think about when the tour will arrive at their doorstep, at a date down the road. This likely occurs each year for SoCal-based Golden Staters who like their handcrafted libations, specifically the many craft beers that are made around California. Several of those sudsy sips get a spotlight each year during one of the biggest beer-themed events in the state, an event so large it shows up in both Northern and Southern California over four different dates. It has a pretty darn big name, too: The California Beer Festival.

THE ON-THE-ROAD BREW BUFF FEST... typically has 70 or so beers in tow, making it, for sure, a biggin (and that's not 70 distinct cans or bottles of brew, of course, but 70 different labels). The first stop for the summer-starter always happens in the Bay Area, and it will again in 2015, on the eve of summer's official first day: June 20 is the party date for Novato. Santa Cruz will follow in August and then? It's SoCal's time for some tap action. San Dimas arrives first, over the second weekend in September, and the Ventura bash is just days ahead of the first day of autumn. So does it feel a little weird to say that, with the first day of summer and the first stop of the fest, SoCalers are anticipating some almost-autumn fest-based good times? That's probably correct. Plus...

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE... for the two-day San Dimas event happening on Saturday, Sept. 12 and Sunday, Sept. 13. Yep, long-timers, you read that right: 2015 will see the party go to two full days at Frank G. Bonelli Park. Over 85 different brewhouses are set to show, and "a fleet" of food trucks, so plan on your IPA going well with a taco or burger or two. A two-day VIP pass is ninety nine bucks, but there are ways to go just for one day for less. Need the info and whatnot? It's here. Can't make the June 20 Marin party? Hang tight -- you're only a season away from the foamy fest making its SoCal hello.

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