San Diego Sinkhole Gulps Sedan

Water, mud floods homes

An Acura Integra fell into a five-foot deep crater caused after a water main break in San Diego on Wednesday.

The San Diego water department said a 16-inch cast iron water main broke around 12:30 p.m. in the 1100 block of 36th Street.  Rushing water and mud, several inches deep, were sent into at least one home, and possibly affecting three houses.

Ten homes in the area were evacuated because of what's right underneath the car -- a natural gas line..

"Rushing water -- I mean mud -- water coming into my property," said Jose Cordova a homeowner who was working to shovel water and mud out of his yard and garage.

The break also caused a hole to open up in the street. That hole is about 10 to 15 feet across and four to five feet deep.  A car was parked in that area.  The owner said he found his car full of water and could not get the engine started.  At that point he says the street opened up taking his car with it.

"I tried to hurry and get it out of here, but it wouldn't start at all. So, I had to leave it there and it just fell in." said Darael Banks.

The water department said there are dozens of homes without water.  A spokesperson said it could be overnight before the water is turned back on.

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