Sashay Into Sterling Cooper

How crazy are we about the concept of the walk-on role? Very. It's particularly Hollywood. You don't hear of people "walking-on" for a day at an accounting office in Akron, or play a bit role in an architectural firm in Miami. Either you're hired or not. No "one-day" deals. No "come by for an hour" and then go.

So we're high-fiving Hollywood on this one. Though maybe they have walk-ons on Broadway? Probably. We do love the walk-on. It is so particularly... hopeful. Full of hope. It gives the winner the chance to play dress up and be a part, if only for a day or two, of his or her favorite television show.

Plucked from the many. Introduced to the cast. Groomed. Outfitted. Given a mark. Fed a line or task. And, rolling!

Will they be discovered? Will there be a major casting agent standing at the edge of the scene? Or perhaps it is enough to be a part of the show and meet the actors and get some snapshots taken and eat at the craft services table. Or maybe only all of the above will do.

The latest walk-on whimsy in the headlines: the "Mad Men"/Banana Republic contest, which is on now. But note that it's running through Tuesday, August 11th, says TV Squad. So you better move those office-appropriate pumps over to a Banana Republic to get the code/info (that's part of the deal).

Envision it: You watching as Don Draper mixes a potent Manhattan. You handing a mimeograph to Joan as she struts by the kitchenette. We can play pretend in our heads. And hope the walk-on-eee fits the New York-1960s vibe of the show, fits as easily as a bare foot slides into a pair of sheer, seamed stockings.

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