Sea Festival Time

SEA FESTIVAL: We expect that every gorgeous town or village that's within shouting distance of something aquatic has a once-a-year party to mark that fact. Because it is a very good fact. Some towns have several ocean-oriented parties, to which we say less definitely isn't more. More Pacific-saluting parties, we say. One of the nicest and most fam-friendliest of the bunch happens in Santa Barbara each spring. It's called Sea Festival, and it is put on by the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, and there are lots of kid to-dos and learning opportunities and such, all with a sea-sweet bent.

COMING UP: The 2011 Sea Festival paddles to shore on Saturday, May 14. There will be ship tours and children's activities and something called a hard-hat diving demo, which we would probably build our afternoon around. Also, an underwater photography show. It's on from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., meaning you'll have plenty of time to visit one of the area's pretty shores for some feet dunking and ocean contemplating. A good day.

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