Second-Chance Chrissie

Don't have Grammy Museum tickets? Don't fret.

"Sold out" are two all too familiar words to anyone who has ever attended a concert or play in Los Angeles. Either you're in early, you did your planning ahead, and you pass the "sold out" placard in the box office window, or you're scrambling for tickets at the last minute, often fruitlessly.

But here's some tasty fruit, if you wanted to attend the J.P., Chrissie & The Fairground Boys night at the Grammy Museum on Monday, Aug. 23. Chrissie Hynde and J.P. Jones will be making for the Queen Mary to play at the Lucinda Williams concert on Thursday, Aug. 26.

Wouldn't it be excellent if every sold-out disappointment was followed by the news that the act you really wanted to see would be playing somewhere else in town a few days later? Well. We suppose the "sold out" sign would eventually appear at the second night, too. Those signs are dogged. Almost have lives of their own.

So best get on those if you're going to get on those, we're thinking.

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