Second Doctor Turns Self in, in Anna Nicole Smith Case

Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist, who is charged with conspiracy for allegedly funneling drugs to the one-time Playboy model in the years leading up to her death from an accidental prescription medication overdose, turned herself in at the Los Angeles Police Department's Van Nuys station on Monday.

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich walked into the Van Nuys station shortly after 11 a.m. and was being held in lieu of $20,000 bail, according to LAPD Officer Roasario Herrera.

Eroshevich is charged along with Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Smith's longtime attorney and boyfriend Howard K. Stern with conspiracy and other charges for allegedly prescribing and providing Smith with excessive amounts of drugs, even though she was a known addict.

Smith was 39 when she died in Hollywood, Fla., on Feb. 8, 2007, of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs shortly after the birth of her daughter and death of her son, who also died of a drug overdose.
Stern and Kapoor turned themselves in at the Whittier Police Department on Thursday and were released on $20,000 bail.
"What we have here in this case is a conspiracy among three individuals. Howard K. Stern is the principal enabler, and Dr. Eroshevich and Dr. Kapoor are prescribing drugs excessively to a known addict and using false and fictitious names, all in violation of the law and all in furtherance of a conspiracy that violates the Penal Code of California," state Attorney General Jerry Brown said last week.
The three each face a maximum of five years and eight months in state prison if convicted, according to the District Attorney's Office. Arraignment is expected May 13 at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse.
The felony complaint alleges that Stern and Kapoor conspired to commit a number of crimes, including prescribing, administering and dispensing a controlled substance to an addict, between June 2004 and September 2006, and that Stern and Eroshevich also conspired to commit similar crimes between June 2004 and January 2007.

The three also are charged with "prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict," and  Eroshevich and Stern were charged with unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance between June 5, 2004, and Jan. 26, 2007.

Kapoor and Eroshevich were charged with obtaining a prescription for opiates by "fraud, deceit or misrepresentation" and obtaining a prescription for opiates by giving a false name or address.
All three have denied any wrongdoing.

"Dr. Kapoor's treatment of Anna Nicole Smith -- despite the publicity and despite the hysteria -- was medically and ethically appropriate," Kapoor's attorney, Ellyn Garofalo, told the Los Angeles Times.
Adam H. Braun, attorney for Eroshevich, said his client was trying to help Smith.

"Anna was the center of a cruel tabloid feeding frenzy. In the face of this, Dr. Eroshevich did her best to help the patient while protecting what little privacy Anna had left. Any actions were done with the patient's well-being in mind and were certainly not criminal," Braun said in a statement.

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