Secrets of a Master Sock Designer

Inspired by a father who worked in legwear manufacturing and a near-unhealthy obsession with the Swiss Alps and Germanaic culture, Hannah Byun has been crafting her colorful legwear line, Hansel from Basel, in Los Angeles since 2007. Since its inception, the independent hosiery line has been steadily gaining a cult-like following, as women catch on to the Hyun's eye-catching styles and designing philosophy of seeing legwear as couture, not just an accessory.

The label has also recently made the jump beyond socks and hosiery to knit tote bags rendered in brilliant graphic prints, and the line is expanding for fall to include children's legwear. We caught up with designer in her gorgeous Mount Washington studio to get the low down on why socks and tights are growing in popularity, and what it takes to craft such taste-making legwear.

Shop Hansel from Basel hosiery locally at Creatures of Comfort, Confederacy, TenOverSix, Ooga Booga, and Opening Ceremony.

Video courtesy of Marco Villalobos.

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