Sharkiest Shark Fun

Televisions may one day hover in the air, or shows will be transmitted to us via high-robot frequencies, or glow-in-the-dark eye drops, but two things will remain: you'll be able to find a "Seinfeld" rerun somewhere on late-night TV, and "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel will still be an immensely popular annual event.

The "whys" of this are probably many and varied. We suspect that viewers break down into two groups: those who love the shark, and those who are frightened of the shark, but still want to love and know the shark. But regardless of where you land on the sharky spectrum, we can probably all agree there've been few creatures roaming our planet as compelling. Few creatures now. We suppose if a Tyrannosaurus Rex was spotted chomping leaves alongside San Vicente Boulevard, that might be *slightly* more compelling.

Wait. T. Rex doesn't care for leaves. So that whole scenario is ridiculous. Okay.

In honor of Shark Week, and shark-based education, and that Great White recently caught near La Jolla -- a Great White! -- we wanted to make one more small splash about Shark Summer Sundays at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. This summertime special -- get into the aquarium for $11.95 after 5PM on Sundays -- has just a few more weeks to go; it does, in fact, wrap up the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.

So there's still time to go pet those pretty and oh-so-sleek beasties at the Aquarium's touch pools at Shark Lagoon. The very tiny sharks, we might add. They seem to love the contact and human interaction. We want to believe they do.

That said, we're *not* quite up to petting a Great White as of yet. Not that the opportunity has presented itself. That's one majestic animal, but there's only one way to end that thought: phew.

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