Shepard Fairey's “Adopt” Bandana

"ADOPT" BANDANA: We, and many pet people, are enamored with the in-support-of-animals print that debuted a couple of months back, courtesy of artist Shepard Fairey. Turns out the "Adopt" print is not only available in t-shirts, but there are fleece hoodies, stickers, and bandanas, too. Bandanas! Few things cuter than a shepherd -- not to play on words here, but we're going to -- sporting a bandana in the park.

"THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE": This Stieg Larsson thrill ride is getting lots of love in print and onlineland, and there's reason. The backstory, of course, intrigues; the author passed away in 2004, leaving unpublished work. But doesn't-always-play-nice protagonist Lisbeth Salander is a big fan-draw, no doubt. This second of the Millennium Trilogy is in stores on Tuesday, July 28th.

SIMON PEARCE HAND-PAINTED POTTERY: Wedding season is not over. Is it ever over? Goodness no. Anecdotally, it seems like many people are doing holiday-time affairs (guests have time off from work). These personalized bowls and plates seem very wedding-gift pretty to us. Look for them at Landis Gifts & Stationery on Larchmont.

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