Shipwreck Weekend at Two Harbors

Dig Buccaneer Days? A springtime companion sails this way.

CATALINA CONFAB: We're sure the good people of Catalina Island regularly ask visitors to Avalon if they're thinking of heading to Two Harbors during their trip. The answer, across the board, should be a resounding "definitely!," complete with exclamation point. But daytrippers to the famous isle often make its largest port their sole destination. But Two Harbors is incredibly picturesque and boasts a nicely remote feeling that makes visitors feel as if they're truly away and locals feel like some of the luckiest people on the planet. Boats run there, true, but not in the numbers that head for Avalon, Catalina's largest city. And while Avalon has a number of interesting events during the year, Two Harbors keeps the calendar a bit smaller, as befits its more rustic, harder-to-reach character. Buccaneer Days is one of the famous ones; you know it as the autumntime party full of music and, yep, the occasional buccaneer (or person costumed as a buccaneer). Now a new party is sailing into view, and it has a name that rather matches its fall companion: Shipwreck Weekend.

YEAR ONE: Shipwreck will dock for its first outing from March 22 through 24, 2013. On the schedule? Tunes at the Harbor Reef Saloon and a raft-building contest on Saturday, March 23. Oh, yep, there are treasure hunts, too. If you've never been to Two Harbors and you want that laid-back island feeling, this might not be the first weekend to try it out. But if you love a lively time at the beach at a place that really does feel away from the world, turn your stern for the far side of the island. Well, or book passage on one of the official boats that leaves for Catalina Island every day.

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